Learning to drive

Learning to drive can be tricky to navigate around. We have collected a list of resources that may help Learner Supervisors and Learner Drivers with practical knowledge and  advice. 

Driving Videos

Steering - Push Pull Method


How to Steer  

Understanding blind spots

Shoulder checks

Hand over hand steering method

How to scan for hazards  

How to do a hill start in an automatic car 

3 point turn/ Turn around 

90 degrees angle park nose to kerb

U-Turns at Traffic Lights

U Turns (Qld) - Where Could the Danger Come From?

Volunteer with us - Time2Drive 

Parallel Parking - Drone View 

Reverse Parking - Drone view

Parallel Parking  - Detailed Watto 

How to reverse in a straight line

Driving at night

Queensland Road Rules – crossing a continous centre line


Queensland road rules 


Queensland road rules 

Queensland Road Rules – safe following distances

Queensland Road Rules – giving way

Queensland Road Rules – Giving way on a roundabout

Queensland Road Rules – Turning right on a roundabout

Road User Handbook

Download the handbook

Resources and quizzes


Driving Rules Practice 

Take practice tes


Driving logbook

About the learner logbook


Steps to getting your Learners Licence

Getting a learner's licence


Steps to getting your 'P's

Steps from learner to provisional license

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